Website Development Courses


Explore what is essential for your website to be successful. Understand how to choose a website host, register a domain name, and optimize your website so search engines show it (SEO). Master the details that are important for your website to present a professional, polished image to your audience.

• Website Host Selection
• Registering Domain Name
• Optimize your Websites SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Learn HTML5 and CSS3 and create portable websites that run on any web host. Fill your pages with titles, paragraphs, pictures, and more! Appreciate how adding format, style, and color makes a web page distinctive. Recognize the benefits of creating standard headers, menus, and footers. Unravel the techniques that make your web pages look great on any device.

 • Create Portable Websites
• Add Format, Images and Color
• Make your Website look Great on any Device

Bring your web pages to life with JavaScript! JavaScript is a fully functional programming language supported by all modern browsers. JavaScript lets you change your webpage on the fly and interact with your users. Know how to use variables and functions, control program flow, handle mouse and keyboard events, process forms, and more! Windows 10 desktop computers and Wi-Fi provided.

• Change your web page “on-the-go”
• Interact with your users
• Begin your programming journey

Website Development Certificate Program

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Gain the skills you need to become a Web Developer all at a discounted package price! Equip yourself with the skills you need to begin a new career in Website Development.

• Website Design
• JavaScript