Community Enrichment

A wide range of adult classes for absolutely everyone! No homework, no grades, just the chance to do something for yourself, learn something new, and have some fun in a comfortable environment with other adults.

Financial decision making, entrepreneurship and professional growth

Offering both traditional and innovative ways to discover your inner artist

Interesting genres including music, photography and more

Health and wellness classes that are affordable, fun, and motivating

International languages offered at different levels, plus American Sign Language

Home and Garden
tomato, vegetable, food

Entertaining classes that cover cooking, gardening, and home projects

Check back for more details

hands, writing, words

Range of courses to build journalistic, fiction, and creative writing skills

(check back for future classes)

Affordable classes designed to meet the needs of our Senior students

Assortment of subjects including self-awareness, metaphysical topics and more

A variety of mediums for beginning and experienced Art students