Microsoft Office Courses



Microsoft Word (Introduction)

Introduction to Microsoft Word is the leading word processing and document creation tool for both personal and business use. This beginning level class will show students how to create, improve, and enhance written materials and build compelling documents
You will learn to:
• Create, print and save documents
• Create, edit, and format text
• Control paragraph formatting such as line and paragraph spacing as well as numbered and bulleted lists
• Create and edit tables to display information in a concise manner
• Create and modify graphics, drawing shapes, and pictures in a document

Microsoft Word (Intermediate)

The Intermediate Microsoft Word course is an extension of the Introduction to Microsoft Word course and extends students competence and confidence as well as introduce additional tools to make document creation even easier!
You will learn to:
• Create headers and footers for longer documents such as reports
• Use styles to automatically format and re-format documents
• Insert footnotes, references, and tables of contents for reports and manuals
• Use Mail Merge to create form letters for bulk mailing


Outlook is more than email. It enables you to manage calendars and appointments, create tasks, take notes, manage contacts and browse the web from a single, user friendly interface.
This class requires a PC.

You will learn to:
• Use Outlook features efficiently
• Work with Contacts
• Complete Outlook Tasks
• Organize and compose emails
• Use Calendar Features


PowerPoint is the leading tool for creating professional and visually engaging presentations. Learn how to captivate and persuade audiences with beautiful built-in themes, animation features and professional presentation mode.
This class requires a PC.

You will learn to:
• Create engaging multimedia presentations
• Format and Organize slides
• Add Multimedia and SmartArt
• Graphics, Tables and Charts
• Integrate with Microsoft Office files


Microsoft Excel (Introduction)

Many businesses use Microsoft Excel to create budgets and reports which include calculations and charts. Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet application in the world. This introductory level class gives you the basics to create simple budgets using tables, formatting, and charts.
You will learn to:
• Create a table with different types of information such as labels and values
• Create a formula to calculate results using information in tables
• Create different sorts of charts such as pie charts, line charts, and column charts
• Sort and filter data
• Use Functions to calculate totals, averages, and other common requests

Microsoft Excel (Intermediate)

The Intermediate Microsoft Excel course is an extension of the Introduction to Microsoft Excel course and extends students competence and confidence as well as introduce additional tools to make worksheet creation even easier!
You will learn to:
• Work with customized styles and themes and other intermediate level formatting.
• Use conditional functions such as “IF” and “SUMIf”
• Create calculations using date and time values
• Use conditional formatting
• Use data-oriented functions such as “VLOOKUP” and “HLOOKUP”

Microsoft Excel (Advanced)

The Advanced Microsoft Excel course is a capstone class and an extension of the Intermediate Microsoft Excel course. Students will learn the most advanced-level tools, formatting, and formulas available in Excel. Students should have a solid understanding of creating basic formulas, tables, and charts.
This course covers:
• Nested functions in formulas
• Creating special tables with automated tools and formatting
• Usage of financial functions such as “PMT” and “FV”
• Creating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
• Creating Macros
• Using Analysis tools such as Goal Seek