Computer Basics


Computer Basics

In today’s digital world, it is easy to be intimidated by technology. Learn to be more comfortable on the computer. This class is especially designed for beginners with little or no computer experience. 

Class includes:
• Basic computer terminology
• Basic emailing
• How to log on and off •Attachments
• Using storage devices
• Creating and saving files
• Basic Mouse and keyboarding skills

Computer Basics 2.0

Keep learning to use your computer! Expand your understanding and confidence.

• Organizing your information
• Searching the internet easily
• Organizing files and folders
• Backing up your files to the cloud
• Improving your email skills
• Intro to Windows

Computer Basics 3.0

Learn how to connect with family, friends and the community through the use of the social media.

• Account set up
• Facebook
• Do’s and Don’ts
• Security and privacy
• Logging in
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Pinterest

Computer Basics 4.0

This class is designed for beginners with little Microsoft Office experience. Students will learn the basics and feel more comfortable utilizing Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Intro to Google Workspace

This course provides students with an introduction to creating, configuring, and using a Google account along with an introduction to various Google applications.

Additionally, the course covers security settings, using Gmail to create, send, organize, and search e-mail along with using Google calendar to track events, create notifications, and invite others to events automatically.

Intro to Windows

Get the big picture and fill the gaps in your knowledge!  Boost your confidence by learning about

• Microsoft Windows Operating system
• Saving files
• Using storage devices
• Searching the internet
• Working with email and attachments
• Open applications like Word and Excel!

Computer Fundamentals

Computer Fundamentals is an entry-level class for those interested in learning about the basics of hardware and software management for both personal and professional use. The course includes information that will help guide you in the selection of a computer system and peripherals as well as using the Windows operating system to customize the Windows interface and manage files and programs. Finally, this course will discuss web browsers, email, the Internet and cloud storage.

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