Business & Finance Courses

Business & Finance Courses

Introduction to 3D Printing

The phrase “3D printing” refers to a group of technologies for printing 3 dimensional solid objects from digital designs. Today 3D printers are more accessible, less expensive and are commonly used by businesses and hobbyists. Topics include basics of 3D printing, how to make 3D models using OpenSCAD, finding models online, and where to get items 3D printed. Students will need to bring a laptop computer with wireless internet (Windows or Mac).

Christopher Deel is a computer consultant and owner of

Loan Signing Agent

Now that you are a Notary, how do you build and maintain your signing business? Learn the skills and obtain the necessary tools to properly notarize loan packages and become a Loan Signing Agent.
Prerequisite: No need to be a commissioned Notary or have received the results of your exam. You must have taken a Notary Workshop.

Presented by:
Notary Public Seminars, Inc.

Become a Seller on eBay

eBay is both the world’s garage sale for used items and a competitive online marketplace for new items. In this beginning class, you will create an eBay and PayPal account, and learn to buy, sell, and navigate the eBay universe safely.

Howard Horwitz has sold 50 – 75 items per month on ebay for the past 10 years. His ebay seller account has a 98.8% positive feedback rating with over 3900 customers reporting.

Notary in One Day

Start your own business, become a more valuable employee, provide customer service and earn additional income. This intensive one-day seminar is designed to equip you with everything you need to become an effective Notary and includes most current laws.

Seminar plus official Notary Exam

Renewing Notaries
(3 hours of training required)
Seminar plus official Notary exam
Reviews all laws and regulations you are required to know to continue as a Notary. You must take the exam and be fingerprinted again. Your commission must be current to be eligible for the 3 hour course.

PLEASE NOTE: Arrive early. Due to State regulations, no one will be admitted to the classroom after 8:30am or 1:00pm. You must be on time when returning to the classroom from a break.

Presented by:
Notary Public Seminars, Inc.; since 2005, NPS has been an approved educational vendor for Notary classes by the Secretary of State.

ABCs of Medicare

Medicare – We all pay into it and as we reach 65 we are all entitled to enjoy its benefits. You have some choices to make and making the wrong choices at the wrong times can be very costly and potentially unhealthy. Discover how you can make the right choices for you. Workshop is purely educational; no insurance products will be discussed.

Daniel Ruben, MD, MBA, MPH is a medical physician and business professional with a passion for teaching.

Smart Social Security Strategies

Many people leave money on the table by making mistakes when it comes to their social security retirement benefits. Learn to make smart decisions to enhance this inflation-sensitive lifetime benefit to which you are entitled.

Daniel Ruben, MD, MBA, MPH is a medical physician and business professional with a passion for teaching.

Become a Community Enrichment Instructor

Do you have a hobby, talent or knowledge of a foreign language that you would love to share with others? Come to this informative seminar and learn how classes are developed. No teaching credential is required although experience is a plus. Ideas will be discussed and course proposal forms provided.


Anne Bartholomew is Coordinator of the Community Enrichment Program.

Everything you should know about buying a car. How to negotiate the price of the car, your financing, and your trade-in. Should you lease or should you buy? Learn from a car-buying expert so that you can drive with a smile on your face and more money in your pocket.

Ed Levitt has 20+ years working with fleet managers and dealership owners.

CVAE Refund Policy

No Refunds for a student who withdraws voluntarily from a class.
Refunds will be made only for classes canceled by Conejo Valley Adult Education.